Channeling My Inner Jesus

IMO, I have a gorgeous (and unfinished) back porch with a massive yard that is great for lazy Sunday get-togethers…and I realized I was in desperate need of some patio furniture.  Rather than get some crappy Ikea or ACO stuff, I decided I’d step up my game and build something nicer from Cedar wood.  Well, cedar is incredibly soft and splits easy, so this proved to be a challenge.  Additionally, I wanted to get it done just in time for my sister’s wedding in which the day after all of my family was in town for a BBQ.  Here are the results.  The benches turned out great…but I did a terrible job on staining the table in which I am now going to refinish.  I amended some of Ana’s plans to put all of the planks right up against each other.  I am still not sure how I feel about it 4 months later, but it is what it is.  Also, for the benches, I used the same plan as the table, just changed the measurements and then notched the wood in the legs for a support cross-board.

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