Channeling My Inner Jesus

After the sister’s wedding and the race to get the patio furniture done, and the blistering heat that was this summer, I took a long break.  Just this past week however, I decided that I wanted to start building again, and I have a very long hallway in my house that was barren.  So I set out to build a console table (plans here). I built the frame, and added a shelf at the bottom because that is more my style of furniture.  I screwed up the drawers about 4 times, but the overall piece is in my opinion the best work I’ve done so far.  The drawer fronts need to be re-done, and I have not finished it yet…(this weekend…maybe…the tigers are in the playoffs afterall).  I have also included some pics of the handle options I am looking at (leaning toward the square metallic).  Hope you enjoy!